Living in time Marrakech with Boho Morocco, fancy Moroccan handicraft oriental style or design? Welcome to Boho Morocco!

Boho Morocco To Offer The Best Of Marrakech, Heat Of The Colors Of Morocco.

Brand, the Boho-Morocco concept.

Boho-Morocco was born in 2005. The idea was simple, sell the famous Moroccan slippers and Moroccan crafts internet. Nobody did, and there was no online sales site in Morocco, with international secure payment. So why not try this crazy adventure well !!! After opening the website, we immediately understood that it was a very good idea.

Now 10 years later we still believe because Boho-morocco is over 32700 satisfied customers and at least 150 artisans who live directly Boho-morocco. The Boho-Morocco concept was a natural. It's just a little mix of Eastern culture with Western. Our cultural backgrounds come as much of France as everything we have seen, our various trips, love the beautiful colors, objects and accessories in natural raw materials. You should also know that Boho-Morocco is often copied but never equaled. Whether for the quality of our products, as our prices. Boho-Morocco became the reference and pioneer in the field of online sales of Moroccan crafts. We are often asked to time advisors by different Moroccan administrations: Customs, Foreign Exchange Office, Post, Secure payment, Banks, etc ...

In 2009, we were the lucky winners of the Trophy Med-it, under the auspices of Minister of Trade and Industry, being voted second best site Moroccan e-commerce. This is not nothing, because we were faced with very large structures such as tourism booking sites and large Moroccan airlines.

Today the site to Boho-Morocco took a little updating, it changed to design, nationality and owner, but it has not changed its trade policy. We will endeavor to offer new and old customers Boho-Morocco the best of Moroccan craftsmanship in a logic of best value, as did our predecessors.

Costs and delivery times.


Boho-Morocco ensures that every order is prepared with the utmost care. Moreover, all the materials we use to pack your orders guarantees the arrival of your goods in perfect condition.

Our deliveries are made, from France by DHL or by mail, by letter or colissimo green, with or without signature depending on the kind of package.

The average delivery time is:

- 2-4 working days for France, Andorra and Monaco.

- 2-4 working days for the European Union.

- 5-8 working days for Overseas and The International.


The shipping costs include preparation and packaging costs as well as shipping costs. Preparation costs are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to: weight, packaging, geographic area and volume.

For information :

-For France, Andorra and Monaco postage amount to:

0 grams to 450 trams = € 5.20 incl.Without tracking green letter.

0 gr 500 gr = 6,80 € tax incl. Colissimo with tracking.

501 grams to 1000 grams = € 9.00 incl.Colissimo with tracking.

Tip: Combine your orders to optimize shipping costs.

Note: shipping costs are free when packages are removed in our store: Dorréa SARL, 14 rue de la République 64500 Saint Jean de Luz. To expect to benefit from this option, you must check a box at the time of the order.

The Boutique Souk Marrakech Moroccan handicrafts.

Set Marrakesh Souk is not simple.

But I will try to do with my little experience of 10 years of life in these small streets much alive. Whether arriving to Marrakech souks by Djama el Fna square or one of the many gates surrounding the medina there is always primarily a tourist area with many small well-stocked shops of objects as diverse as pretty, with lots of course tourists, not to mention all the small sellers and their trading method rather nagging. This part of the souk is not for me the most interesting. But if you push a little more in the narrow streets and you feel lost, know that you are on the right road. No danger, the medina is safe even at later hours, the tourist police keeping watch. There you will discover hundreds of small Moroccan craft workshops usually grouped by business corporation, small areas of ironworkers and carpenters, leather workers, potters, basket makers and other ... With all these small workshops, we are working to Baboucheshop daily. These small shops are often specialized in one creation, a model of slipper or two. There are even workshops which manufacture only one size slipper. Often these small workshops consist of a master craftsman and 2 or 3 employees not to mention a young apprentice. There is no large structure, style factory or other large clothing workshop in the Souk of Marrakech. It is in the heart of the Moroccan craft world. This is where we create all our items. Over time we know the artistic and qualitative value of each workshop and get married all its different qualities for our creations. For example, colored leather poufs we offer recently. The achievement is not so simple. We go to the best tanner to get the best leathers, then we will see the best colourist dyer to finish among the best in leather goods manufacturing poufs. "Not easy, you say" well yes, not simple, but it's like that for all the products you can find in Boho-Morocco.

Our products, or do they come from? And how are they made?

To start all our items are 100% marocain.Pour all our creations, slippers, bags, cushions etc ... tanned leather we use in Marrakech, a natural tanned using only plant products. Generally we produce the majority of our slippers in Marrakech or Fes. Regarding wicker baskets they come from various Moroccan villages, our cosmetic line with Argan comes from the region of Sousse and Essaouira. Our poufs come from Marrakech and the sabra, harem pants and tunics. Our scarf really comes from the Mauritanian Sahara. We have a small workshop that manufactures our own slippers, but for some models we prefer to work directly with their creator for the original and be on its good quality. We strive to make our entire collection of Moroccan craftsmanship in a logic of fair trade. Remunerate, at fair prices, craftsmen, ensuring non exploitation of vulnerable populations, especially children and the environment.

Wholesale and semi-wholesale! "Moroccan crafts"

Let us not forget our customers wholesale and semi-wholesale, professional and business committees. Go to the website: They give us their trust and understanding, as we sell products from handicrafts and not in the industry and they know that we do our best, with the maximum professionalism to meet their expectations.

Who are our clients and customers?

Our valued customers are mostly women 70%, which come to 65% from France, 20% of European countries, 10% of US and 5% in Japan. To Boho-day Morocco not less than 32700 customers pleased with our services.

How do we know? It's simple, 1 in 5 is a control order from a customer who has already passed one or more orders and we have loyal.

Boho-Morocco, is the result of mutual trust with its customers. We are very grateful for their. Thank You